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PopTrash magazine

Hi everyone. This is my first time posting to this community.

I wanted to announce the launching of PopTrash magazine, an online publication about art, music, fashion, sex and more. The first issue will come out on June 1 at http://www.poptrashmag.com
What will set this apart from all the other art/music/fashion publications already out there is that PopTrash will have the angle of being about up-and-coming creative people and will have a lot of how-to stories, like how to know when to sign with a record label, how to start your own creative business while paying the bills, etc. In other words the focus will be on people in creative industries as well as regular working joes looking to break into artistic fields and those who just enjoy music or art or fashion design as a hobby. We also have two sex columnists, just because well... why not?

By the way if any of the artists, cartoonists or other creative people in this community wants to submit something like a story, illustration, photo or a review of some sort, please feel freee to contact me at sabina@poptrashmag.com. Also any musicians should feel free to send us CDs or media kits for review. Am I paying people? No not yet. But if you submit something like an article or illustration, you will get a plug of your business with website links, if you like.

Anyway thanks and please check out my website, now or even better--on June 1st.


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